Jack was first seen about symptoms that suggested cow’s milk allergy at an allergy centre at 3 months with severe eczema covering a large area of his body and face. Jack was exclusively breast fed and he was under weight for his age. His family history included asthma and hay fever in both parents.


Jack’s mum was advised on skin care for eczema, and to avoid milk and egg as these foods commonly cause allergic reactions in breast-fed babies. She was also given advice on low-allergen weaning, as she wanted to start introducing solids in the coming months. At 6 months, Jack’s mum was successfully avoiding dairy and egg, and his symptoms had improved but not resolved completely. Skin prick tests (SPTs) showed that Jack was allergic to milk, egg and soya.

His mum was then advised to exclude soya from her diet as well. She was feeling worn out by the constant effort of managing her diet and Jack’s symptoms, and wanted to introduce a formula feed at bedtime. Given Jack’s multiple food allergies, the amino acid-based formula Nutramigen PURAMINO was prescribed.


At 9 months, Jack’s weight was steadily increasing and he was eating a variety of solid foods, with breast milk and night-time feeds of Nutramigen PURAMINO. At 12 months, his weight had increased even more and he was successfully sticking to a diet free from dairy, egg and soya.